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Sugahara Kisen goes live on JiBe ERP platform

Smart Maritime Network

Jan 13, 2021

From Smart Maritime Network

Shipping company Sugahara Kisen, based in Kure, Japan, has begun the go-live phase on a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform from Singapore-based JiBe, following the agreement of a new contract in late 2020.

“Our evaluation of JiBe ERP was based on the impressive functionality and the ability to serve all the needs of the organisation under one platform,” said Hironori Niwase of Sugahara Kisen.

“With equal importance, we evaluated JiBe’s leadership and its track record in selecting the right technological tools and architecture, a sensitive area in which few of the providers have succeeded historically.”

JiBe says that it now has some 1350 vessels using its software platform, spread across 20 different shipping company clients. The largest of these is ship manager Anglo-Eastern, which signed up to use the software package in 2019.

“We are seeing an increased interest in JiBe’s web-based cloud ERP during the pandemic period,” adds Yariv Zghoul, Chief Executive Officer of JiBe.

“We know many shipping companies suffer from running a combination of locally installed legacy systems, these systems are not integrated, and the total cost is actually much higher than a modern integrated platform. The remote work has unveiled some of those pitfalls and many companies took the decision to go fully integrated.”

“We have put significant efforts into shortening the go-live and reducing implementation cost, and we are now able to fully implement a 20-ship company in less than six months. By the end of 2021, our implementation time will be shorter than three months to full live all modules/departments. From our understanding of the market, this is a real breakthrough. This is mostly based on a number of technologies we have developed for automated data building and import.”

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