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Why JiBe ? 

Make the leap to the next level in your career with the dominating ERP player of the shipping industry. 

Our approach to our work, career and success is best described by a quote from a comedy that one of our team members mentioned in a recent meeting. The main character is asked about his strategy in winning a swimming race, and he says : "you start of with 100% of your strength, and then you slowly increase it as the race goes on ... "

How high can you climb ? As high as you can ! 

JiBe is group of companies operating in different countries, with various domiciles. In every country we operate in, we follow the local employment rules and comply with local market practices. In developing countries, we make it our goal to bring best practices from silicon valley and leading industries into our culture, so that we provide each member of the team the ability to reach and realize her/his potential regardless of the conventions of the local culture. 

a success oriented culture, both on a personal and team level. We do not have an interest in your gender, nationality, experience or background, if you are ambitious, and want to win, you may have found the right partner.  If you are a ambitious, a hard worker, good team player, and have good attention to detail, you want to make sure what track record the organization has in providing opportunity. So lets drop the philosophy and speak some math - 

Retention Rate

We lose about 3% of our people every year, half for performance, and about half for objective reasons such as relocation or other personal issues. The typical turnover rate in software companies in our field and with similar geographic composition is 15%

Average Employment Period (Employees) - 5 years (industry average 1.5 years)

Average Employment Period (Management) 10 years (industry average 5 years)

Gender Breakdown47% female 

Management Members promoted from within - 83%

Technology and working practices

JiBe is widely recognized in the maritime ERP market as 1. the most advanced technologically,  and 2. the most advanced in working and management methodologies. We have been consistently implementing the most advanced practices in code development, testing, and general management. This is important to you as a candidate first, on a personal level, as you want to continue and advance yourself personally towards management and higher comp but it is equally important to us as an organization. We have a powerful track record in reducing conflict, and admin workload, out two most disfavored bi products of business. 

Exchange Programs / Relocation

JiBe operates permanent 8 offices in various places in the world through its wholly owned and other affiliates. We send leading personnel both to exchange engagement as well as client on and off-site engagements. This is a privilege that typically comes to leading performers in all departments and ranks and not reserved only to management level members. 

Flexible hours / Working from home

During the COVID period, JiBe has undertaken to make it its mission to 1. not let anyone go and 2. not to reduce pay. We are now over a year into the COVID situation and our team grew from 250 to 350 people with average salary overall increased by two digit percentage. Our commitment to mothers and family members continues with enabling flexibility while retaining responsibility. We continue to work from home and expect that to become part of the reality of the future in addition to our active offices. 


Culture and values 

The leadership of JiBe promotes its values by personal example, leading from the front. We believe that anyone in the organization should have a shot at the top job, and the ability to get there using skill development and hard work. We proud ourselves for a low-turnover in a competitive environment, and we make it a point to lead a culture that essentially has no politics. 


Where can you find us

JiBe's head office is in Miami, FL and it operates globally out of 6 countries. Long before COVID JiBe operated in a decentralized approach out of the belief that our customers and our employees come first. 

Early in the COVID pandemic we transferred everyone in our 8 offices (of JiBe LLC and its subsidiary or affiliate entities) globally to work from home. We expect that work from home will continue through the end of this year, and thereafter people will be given flexibility to work in combination from home and office.

Our India team is mostly in our Navi Mumbai, Chennai and Bhuvenswar offices, however we have employees in Pune, Kochi, Bangalor and many of the team went back to their hometowns and been working there. 

Community projects 

Before COVID, JiBe initiated a project involving the schools around the area of its offices in a competition of model ship building from sustainable material.  Inspired by an exhibition in the Perez Museum in Miami (below) we are looking forward to resume the project and have many beautiful ships built by creative young ship builders !

Perez Art Museum Miami, Florida 


ANGULAR / NodeJS (part or full stack) developers

2-5 years experience as basic requirement

25 open positions

iOS/Android developers

Android developers 

2 open positions

DOTNET developers and team leads

DOTNET developers for positions based in Navi Mumbai. 

4 open positions


Manual and Automation testers at all levels and experience 

14 open positions

Marketing & Sales - Europe

JiBe is hiring a Marketing and Sales personnel for its Hamburg office. Experience in sales in German is a must, as well as extensive connections within the German shipowning community. If you have experience in marketing, predominantly in shipping or the marine industry, you should consider joining us. 

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