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DNV approves JiBe’s Planned Maintenance System software

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Dec 10, 2021

DNV has granted type approval to JiBe’s centralised cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Planned Maintenance System (PMS) software for the maritime and offshore sectors.

Shipowners are legally required to implement a PMS to ensure their vessels are operated and maintained in accordance with class and manufacturer requirements.

JiBe ERP provides owners and managers a fully integrated end-to-end solution, enabling all the departments of a shipping company to work on a single platform, thus removing the historical challenges of gathering, sorting and mining data.

“JiBe’s PMS is currently the only cloud-web based PMS that is fully centralised in two dimensions, the first being centralisation inside the client’s organisation and the second dimension is centralisation among all client vessels of JiBe. The data that is gathered is anonymised and then analysed, and predictions are delivered to the decision-making points in real time”, said Mr. Adi Sorek, who heads the technical product group at JiBe ERP.

Yariv Zghoul, JiBe’s chief executive explained: “We hear a lot of talk in the industry about big-data and AI and their future potential in the ship management industry, but the elephant in the room is that those technologies rely on data standardisation. There is a technological gap in the architecture of most of the current providers that will prevent the use of predictive AI tools in the future. JiBe’s unique architecture can view thousands of ships in a single structure, and the JiBe PMS runs a single version and a single data scheme for every vessel in the JiBe client fleet. In a few years, when predictive maintenance and predictive procurement will be the standard, the cost of migrating ERPs into single versions are going to create a problem for most ERP providers, and massive costs to their clients.”

Torbjorn Dimbald, the CIO of Anglo Eastern commented: “Anglo Eastern has a long-term vision for the future of ship management. This vision is first about people, and then about systems. We see the future of our business as a work experience that has a lower administrative workload and a vast requirement for data-driven decision making. Our implementation of JiBe and our work with DNV and JiBe will continue towards automation of the ship-manager and classification link, and it is an integral part of our digitisation journey”.

“Reliable PMS software is the foundation for effective maintenance planning. Having DNV class type approval builds confidence and demonstrates that the system has been assessed to industry leading standards," said Rolf Petter Hancke, principal engineer, Machinery & MARPOL, DNV Maritime.

"I would like to thank JiBe for the excellent cooperation. The team was very responsive and have developed an interface that enables future users to share class maintenance data easily with DNV via our Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) solution, while also receiving class data from DNV directly into JiBe”, he added.

JiBe has currently over 1500 client vessels, mainly in South East Asia, Greece and the US, the majority of whom are using the full complement of JiBe’s modules.

JiBe employs over 400 full-time employees globally.

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