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The Complete Solution for Centralized AI Based Maritime ERP

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The All-In-One
Shipping ERP

We designed JiBe from its first version with the vision of Big data and AI. All our clients are on one version, built and designed to be ready for advanced AI and Big data applications like Predictive Analytics, Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Procurement.


Predictive Analytics

Increasingly, companies and organizations are exploring the power of AI for their operations. JiBe enables you to leverage your data and real time data collected from thousands of ships to make better decisions.

Time is more than money 

​User Experience and User Interfaces designed to a new generation of shipping professionals, aimed at reducing administration and enabling more Data Driven Decision Making


Real time event monitoring

Each user in JiBe has a dashboard specific for their assigned ships, processes, or alerts.

Dashboard - new look.png

JiBe's complete solution transforms ship management 

JiBe provides a complete solution for ship managers and owners.
JiBe's AI and Big Data capabilities provide real time tools for smarter and efficient decision making, and a state of the art user experience. 

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