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JiBe announces quintet of new sign-ups for maritime ERP platform

Rob O'Dwyer

Jul 18, 2022

Maritime software firm JiBe has announced a flurry of new contracts for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, with Seamar, Seajets, Portline, Stellar Navigation and DAO Shipping all signing up to implement the AI-powered system in the last 30 days.

In total this will see approximately 70 new ships join the JiBe client list, which was already swelled in the last month with final deployment and implementation work taking place at a duo of Greece-based shipping companies that have recently moved to the system, car carrier Stamco and tanker, container and bulk carrier operator Enesel.

“The Greek shipping industry has embraced JiBe’s single version approach in a big way. Many years of overpaying for special versions and customizations, along with the need to transition to data driven decision making, has paved the way for JiBe,” said Oded Sittsamer Co-CPO and head of JiBe’s Greece operations.

“The pandemic has elevated the concern with many leading shipowners with special versions and bespoke architectures, and the trend is to migrate into single version fully web ERPs, that are enabling vast capabilities when it comes to Big Data and AI applications.”

JiBe is now operating on some 1600 ships globally, and the company has recently launched a new AI-based system to automate elements of the vessel manual importing process as well as the creation of equipment and job hierarchies.

The software provider notes that this update is expected to reduce ERP implementation time from nearly a year to about 3 months, reducing barriers to entry for shipping companies looking to move to the platform.

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