The Fast, Painless Way to Increase Your TMSA Score

Get the real-time status of all 64 TMSA  KPIs with one click

The stringent requirements of Tanker Management and Self Assessment Version 3 (TMSA3) and the expectation for continuous improvement demands that your ERP software is always updated to the latest requirements and has all of the information, in one place in real time.

Why Increase Your TMSA Score?

  • Fewer incidents, miss-outs, and injuries

  • More business from higher quality customers

How JiBe ERP improves your TMSA compliance

  • JiBe was built to fully comply with TMSA3 and has a built-in TMSA and KPI engine that you can customize to your style of work.

  • A fully-integrated suite that includes all modules relevant to the TMSA checklist: accounting, crew, operations, safety quality, HR and more

  • Get the real-time status of all 64 TMSA-related KPIs with one click

  • Always up-to-date with the latest TMSA requirements with no need for upgrades

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About JiBe ERP

JiBe ERP is the most comprehensive web-based ERP Software for the maritime industry. It's cloud-based ERP for ship managers and owners can be run module-by-module or as an integrated ERP suite, including accounting, BI and AI. JiBe provides the most advanced ERP in the market for a fraction of your current costs. Learn more at https://www.jibe.com.sg