Solutions and Modules

JiBe provides the widest variety of integrated ship management ERP modules for all segments of shipping - 

JiBe's unique JibeSync™ technology enables the office and the ship to be synchronized in real time without exceeding the standard monthly communication costs. The slew of modules we provide, all based on real time data sync between the shore and the vessel, cover the entire spectrum of ship management enterprise software.


Electronic invoices and payments

JiBe’s Accounting is seamlessly integrated into all other modules of JiBe, enabling automatic entries into the books from various decision points in the operational systems. A booking of a ticket in crew or a delivery of a spare part on board, are automatically related as an entry in the book. 

JiBe has powerful payment processing platforms - Invoices are all electronic and uploaded directly by the suppliers. Approvals are all done electronically and flow all the way to electronic batch payments. Full financial statements closed at the end of every business day, cash-flow forecast module, consolidation and approved supplier system are just part of the elaborate feature list of this system. The system supports GAAP and IFRS and has interfaces into tax filings and compliance of the major shipping jurisdictions. The system enables easy consolidation of any owning or holding companies and doesn't limit number of entities created. COA is imported from the Clients existing structure.



Business Intelligence

KPIs, Heat Maps, Predictive Algoythms

The unique advantage of JiBe, is in the fact that data is entered into a single database from both shore and vessel modules. Applications such as logbooks, noon reports, all ISM forms, all exists as raw data in the JiBe database, evaluations, POs. This unique architecture, enables an incredibly wide range of Business Intelligence (“BI”) and Performance Monitoring (“PM”) tools. JiBe currently has live snippets that scout the database and pull out push/pull reports for users on indicators and data that they require.


Every one of the modules in JiBe’s enables the users to customize individual alerts on any due date / submission date / overdue date / and any statistical ratios that they want to define on the above. JiBe enables users to pull any SQL table into any report, along with customized formulas, and typically without any customization or delay in delivery.





Vetting / Forms / Manuals / PSC / RA

The Quality Module contains a wide variety of modules required for the SQA processes in the organization. KPIs are collected from the entire system as well as TMSA analysis and reports.

JiBe’s Forms Manager (“FMS”) handles the scheduling and follow-up of all ISM forms that have to be submitted on board. Each form can be as excel/pdf or embedded electronic form. Each form can be put on submission date or interval, and an approval workflow.

The inspection system logs all inspections done by all departments in one console. This also includes PSC inspections. All inspections are marked with each deficiency opened as a  stand alone job, this includes vetting inspections and NCRs. Each job is linked to the onboard module and all back and forth between the various involved parties on shore and the ship, are all recorded with dates, and content, creating a powerful audit trail to ensure job and NCR closure. 

The Quality Module has a Risk Assessment system that pulls likelihood data from MsCAT RCA of the Clients Incidents and NCRs, a unique feature to JiBe.



PMS, Surveys/Certs, Worklist

PMS, Surveys and Certificates, Work-list, Inventories, and Electronic Logbooks are all synchronized in real time with the office and enable the operators to get warnings and alerts of upcoming issues, without the need for costly customization. All the communication with the ship is done on JiBe including job specific issues, creating an audit trail for every job, as well as a link to NCR or PO or any Risk Assessment or Incident relating to this job.

JiBe PMS has an n+1 levels capability, easy import of existing tree structure and connectivity to the purchase, survey & certificate and accounting. 


The PMS and all modules are linked to Snippets (dashboard alerts), as well as any reports and statistics without any need for costly customization. 


POs, Supplier DB, e-Invoices, ROBs

Powerful purchasing enables dispatching RFQ to multiple approved suppliers, with fully documented audit trail and electronic approvals by manager or Supt. 

All PO are logged automatically into accounts, and all invoices are uploaded by supplier into the system, and automatically routed for approval by the person who made the requisition. 

No paper at all, and easy access to any part of the process for review or audit. This is a unique module in ship management ERP, most enterprise software platforms for shipping are not integrated and are unable to bring the massive reduction in administration that JiBe is able to create. 

Approved Supplier List with electronic workflows. Live SOA and invoice uploading automatic for each supplier.

OnBoard Module

Real time Synchronizer, All modules

Self installed on a standard PC on board, JiBe’s OBM is linked to all of JiBe’s shore modules, in various levels, permissions and functions. Every function that requires push or pull of information from the ship by email or paper (per the Client’s ISM) was converted into part of an electronic workflow.    


Starting with the Captain’s Dashboard, where the Master will receive notifications on upcoming crew changes, supply deliveries, forms and drills due, etc. The Master will perform delivery confirmations, and form submissions, as well as portage bills, and reporting of incidents, schedule changes, all through OBM, and as part of a process audit trail between office and vessel.

Vessel Inspection System

PSC / SQA / Technical Inspections

JiBe’s ship inspection system enables scheduling and seeing all inspections in the company on one console, sharing them with other managers or departments, following on closure of deficiencies and NCRs, as well as using smart-phones to create the inspection report, reducing the Supt. Time by approximately 30% per inspection.  The system enables through its Checklist Generator, the creation of any checklist and dispatch it to the phone of the Supt. Making his inspection faster and easier.


Claims / Checklists / Premiums 

An integrative module that enables the insurance team to pull information and built claim files with minimal burdem and delay on other departments. 


Incident reports can automatically show up in the Insurance department and enable management an easy follow-up on claims and outstanding. 


The system enables an easy follow-up on payables and premiums, and integrated with accounts, automatically feeding into cashflow reports and the PO system. 




 Ship Inspection Application (iOS)

JiBeInspect™ enables real time voice and image recording while on board, in connection with a specific location from the PMS tree, or as general inspection notes. The recorded notes are transcribed by JI into comments that appear in the draft inspection report, which the inspector will then finalize and produce. The time spent on creating the report reduces by about 90% from any other existing method. More importantly, JI can receive Checklists from JiBe’s Checklist Generator Module, scheduled either as a one time inspection, an interval, or as a preparation checklist before a dry-dock or a high risk PSC location. 

JiBeInspect also has live dashboard features that enable decision makers receive live alerts from JiBe ERP, customized by themselves specifically to their needs and individual work style.

Electronic Logbooks

Deck / Engine Logs

JiBe's electronic Engine and Deck logs run on board, on a standard PC, and sync automatically to the office at the end of every watch. 


The electronic logbooks enable auto alerts to departments or individuals, per management preferences. Any change in performance, within minutes, can be alerted as defined. The logs can be feeding directly into the noon reports, at Client’s option, alternatively, the Clients preferred format for Noon, Arrival, Departure reports are available on the JiBe On-Board Module and they are analyzed by the shore server and escalated to the operators with alerts, based on their own parameters.

Commercial / Operations

Voyage Calculators, Hire Collections

JiBe provides various advanced modules for Operations and Commercial managers. In addition to chartering and operations for Container, Dry and Tankers, the system also integrates electronic logbooks that are synchronized with the shore in real time, and can be fed directly into the voyage reports.


System generated alerts enable operations or technical teams on shore to be immediately aware of any change in performance or schedule. Stevedore claims, visitor LOI, berthing and maneuvering database and other powerful risk management tools are available also for operations professionals. 


Travel, Evaluation, MLC 2006

JiBe’s crew module is the most comprehensive crewing system in the industry as of now. JiBe enables full seamless synchronization between ship and shore. Documents are synchronized and kept under control, preventing placement of crew with expired certificates and giving advanced alerts on future expirations. Electronic evaluations on board are processes by the server and escalated electronically to decision makers if their parameters are outside accepted range.  KPI are collected in each crew file from a number of snippet inside the operational systems, from NCR, PMS overdue, incidents, and exercise in which the crew has taken part, are all recorded in their personal files enabling a more professional approach to evaluation and advance alerts on crew that is prone to problems. 

Travel planning and processing is full web based including the booking of tickets and the issuance of tickets to the crew, eliminating the need to send multiple reminders and emails and removing miss-out risk. 

JiBe has a full crew accounting module enabling a fully synchorized portage bill (PGA) with all deductions to be done on the system by Master and route to approvals and accounting entries in the office automatically. 

Office HR / Expense Admin

Expense, Leave, Employee Files

Full libreary of employee records, leave management scheduler visible by the entire company, medical leave administration.


Expense claims workflows and budgets, including iPhone claims system.