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Have full control of your procurement process including a centralized supplier database with web access to each supplier.
Manage the procurement process from a single entry point including access to pending, delivered, ordered and inventories.


Send electronic RFQ to your approved suppliers. Unlike other large procurement platforms, we do not charge a commission for this service.
Each supplier has an automatic portal in JiBe for uploading of quotations, invoices and credit notes as well as tracking payment status.


JiBe is the pioneer of electronic invoicing in shipping, and over the years its invoicing methodology is widely used and easy to implement.

Audit Trails

With single database architecture for all modules, JiBe's procurement is completely one with Accounts and Power-BI enabling unlimited data analysis and reporting. The ultimate solution for stronger financial control.

BI / AI / ML

A leader in BI and ML, JiBe's cloud and single DB architectures placed it as the leader in providing BI and AI tools to reduce cost and get purchase recommendations similarly to Ebay and Amazon - in shipping

Supplier API

Direct integration between clients and suppliers to seamlessly send RFQ, receive quotation, send POs and upload invoices.

Clients have access to all approved suppliers in JiBe, while suppliers receive all requests, updates and POs directly to their own system from all of JiBe's client

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JiBe's Eco-System

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