Turning TMSA Into a Competitive Advantage

Increase TMSA score and Vetting results  by 25%

Quality management platform fully-integrated into ALL departments and workflows.  Your Quality team can focus on quality, not data collection
Some of our complete ERP Clients :



Linked to PMS, KPI, Insurance, Accounts, TMSA and Crew


Real Time Performance Monitoring based on electronic logbooks (Engine and Deck) and Voyage Reports



TMSA Real-Time Assessment fully-integrated with company SMS and KPIs



and forms

Electronic forms and QMS manager, linked to incidents, PMS and TMSA

  • Personal Dashboard

  • Alerts and thresholds in red

  • Click each item to drill down to the transaction

  • Instant TMSA score

  • Linked to all elements

  • Understand your status on the spot

  • Incident/Defect linked to PMS, KPI, Procurement, Accounts

  • Linked to all elements

  • Understand your status on the spot

  • Vetting schedule integrated to all company activities

  • Technical and Quality teams working off the same platform

  • Fleet broadcast messages

  • Read confirmations go into the crew files

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