Inspections & Vetting

Audit Manager

Build your own ship inspection workflows. Use your own terminology and categories with our cloud-based platform to manage the auditor's work process. Stop chasing departments for updates and deliverables, as it will all be automatically linked to you. 

Ship vetting manager
Shipping audit manager

Vetting Manager

The strongest and most comprehensive ship vetting management system in the market. 

Turn ship vetting into an easily managed experience that will leave your inspectors impressed.


Comprehensive TMSA management system to pre-audit and audit handling including preparations and simulations.

Ship Inspection for PMS and non-PMS
Automated OCMIF TMSA 3 audits


JiBe's powerful ship inspection platform enables linking PMS/Non-PMS/Vetting or any other type of OBS or DEF structure that exists currently in your company.

Fully integrated into our iPhone and Android inspections apps.

Fully integrated into our Power-BI module and AI engine.