Ship Crew Management

Dynamic Rosters for Crew Management


Portage Bill / MGA

Integrated with accounting, operates both onboard and on-shore. Flexibility in handling ship crew bonuses, seniority, contract arrangements, and any pay structure that is unique to your organization.

Dynamic Rosters

Design you own tabs and workflows, different access rights by user / department. Create any tabs you want including GDPR compliant features to assist you in the implementation of the new regulations.

Ship Crew Payroll/Portage Bill/Masters General Account (MGA)
Electronic Crew Evaluations


Electronic evaluations with flexible workflows enable you to start getting some real value out of your performance evaluation process.

Eliminate Microsoft Excel and paper evaluations that can't be used in BI / AI

BI / AI / ML

A leader in BI and ML, JiBe's cloud and single database architecture makes it the leader in providing BI and AI tools to analyze performance and reduce incidents and missouts

Artificial Intelligence for Crew Management