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Fully-Integrated with
All Modules

The only accounting software that was specifically built for shipping needs, it is integrated into the entire company -- all modules -- and is fully cloud-based. It is also integrated into Power BI.

Power BI

The strength of Power BI together with the unique JiBe structure enables new depth and ease of analysis and reporting.

Financial Reporting

Flexibility to report in any currency, IFRS / GAAP, holding / owning / management entities as well as consolidation of any entities and for any period


Create and consolidate any owning, holding or management company. With no limitation on users and entities, operate your entire business on JiBe's accounting

Banks and Payments

JiBe's payment module will generate automatic batch files using your bank's format and will enable your accounts payable team to cut workload and errors

BI / AI / ML

A leader in BI and Machine Learning, JiBe's cloud and single database architecture makes it the leader in providing artificial intelligence tools for shipping companies to reduce cost and get purchase recommendations, similarly to Amazon

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Inspections & Vetting







JiBe's Eco-System

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Cloud-Based  Maritime ERP

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